"I have some teak garden furniture that looks well past its best, it had gone all grey (I know it's supposed to go that colour) but I hated it and was thinking of putting it on Ebay and buying something cheaper that I could replace easily when it was worn. A friend suggested I buy some teak cleaner - I was skeptical re whether it would work as well as she said and the company I bought it from also had a youtube link on their website to show how easily the teak was cleaned which again I didn't believe. Well now I do believe them both. I've cleaned a couple of the chairs this evening and they're looking fantastic. I would highly recommend it if you too are wondering how to make your teak look like new again. I bought mine from Wessex Chemical Factors (i'm not linked in any way to the company)."

Ms Chocaholic on

"Hi, I just wanted to drop you a note after using your Teak Cleaner and Renovator today. All I can say is thank you, what a brilliant product. A few hours elbow grease and a couple of applications of teak oil and our WELL weathered teak garden furniture is back to new. Who would have thought that our knackered old FADED furniture would ever look like this again? Many thanks again and I will certainly be recommending you and your excellent products."

Mr Rob McMillan

"I was shocked, brilliant!"

Mr Steve Ingarfill

"FYI, I ordered their stuff last week by phone. The couple of gallons arrived the next day. Excellent service, all very helpful and efficient"

JMF, YBW Yacht & Boating World Forum

"Tested alongside 7 competitor teak cleaning products and voted top in both value for money and performance categories."

Practical Boat Owner Magazine. Article written by author - David Young. December 2000.

"Do not know if it will totally remove the oil stains but I would try Wessex chemicals 2-part teak cleaner. It transformed the teak bathing platform of my boat that had been neglected for years. Truly amazing how much filth it removed. Leaves it that rich amber colour."

Eddie, YBW Yacht & Boating World Forum

"Dear Sirs, 3 years ago I spent many hours sanding down my teak garden furniture with modest success. The furniture needed to be cleaned again which I was not prepared to do by sanding. I was considering throwing away good quality furniture and replacing with less demanding ones, however before I took this step I searched the internet to see if a less demanding method was available, and fortunately I found your product. The effort demanded was significantly less, 1 hour compared with several days, and the results beyond my expectation. I now see I have many more years of use, and I have furniture I am happy to have guests use."

Graham Althorpe

"Excellent for removing rust stains, the all round best teak cleaner is the two part cleaner from wessex chemicals, which leaves it lovely and new."

Mr Matt Steadman, YBW Yacht & Boating World Forum

"The wessex stuff is very good and they deliver if you can't get it locally."

Mr Kevin Bryan

"The best solution I have found by far is the two part stuff sold by Wessex Marine. They have a couple of video's on how to use it. I can assure you the results are excellent. At the beginning of the 'season' I washed all the Teak and agitated it to remove winter gunge and give it the 'Wessex' treatment. Sadly I have no before or after photo's to show you but the results are excellent. "

pks1702 on

"However, maybe once a year, a more radical treatment is necessary to rout out lichen and mould so out comes the Wessex two part Treatment, an acid and an alkali. When applied properly your teak will look brand new and will have suffered no damage."

"Hi Dockhead, Wessex Chemicals (near Bournemouth) manufacture a good teak cleaner and also a brightner. I have used both. Its good and great value if bought in bulk. The cleaner somehow seems to open the grain so dirt lifts to the surface - it is certainly worth a go. I can only apologise I've not got a bottle to hand as you'd not need a lot, but I believe they may also retail this locally so try one of the Lymington chandlers."

Swagman on

"I have used a UK made product called Wessex system Teak Reviver, part A then part B, diluted in water, scrubbed on then hosed off. Remarkably good results reviving the teak to as new; and you only need one small cupful diluted to do the entire cockpit area. Handy hint: wear plastic gloves! "

Anthony on